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  2. Well it is a Rockstar issue…Log into the website Rockstar Social CLub Look at your Profile Look at games… Bet you dont see Red Dead II In your games list there… You have the game unlocked in the Launcher But not In your profile cause Billing department didnt unlock it there….So you Click play from the Launcher that says You do own it but the main site social DRM check says You DO NOT own it so it Unexpectedly closes the launcher do to a Failed Check…Send in a ticket with your Purchase date so Rockstar can update your Online profile to match that of your Launcher profile so you can play the game….

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  3. Easy fix.
    C: \ Users\Username\Documents
    Put that into your file explorer finder, and press enter.
    You gonna recieve an error because the folder doesn’t exists.
    Create a folder called “Documents” and put it in there.
    That fixed my error code 1002.

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