Troubles with Call of Duty: WWII launching or loading or crashing


I have Win 10, I am running stock with Windows firewall and defender, along with Zemana which I shut down before starting the game.

I have an AMD RX480 I-7, 4820K, and 32g of Ram…

I had all updates, and newest drivers installed. The Game wouldn’t run, crashed ETC.

So I uninstalled the latest AMD drivers and went with the drivers that load with Windows (You can’t even tell the AMD drivers aren’t installed by looking at the screen or using the PC).

The game gave a warning about me not having the latest drivers from AMD, and that it required the newest AMD drivers, and then asked did I want to continue, I said yes…

Game loaded and ran perfect with Windows default AMD drivers. I would assume this maybe the same case with Nvidia.



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