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Error code 1 in Battlefield 4

I’m getting error code 1 when connecting to an online game in Battlefield 4. This is happening throughout the day today. Tried: Moved game folder...

Error CE-118307-0 on PlayStation 5

I can’t find a fix for error CE-118307-0. It is not in the error code database. It essentially prevents my PS5 from downloading anything from...

How to fix Duhok-Guernsey in Call of Duty?

I keep getting a Duhok-Guernsey message in Call of Duty. The error keeps appearing… Please help! Decision The Duhok-Guernsey error in Call of Duty appears...

“file not found” error in ForkPlayer

I launched ForkPlayer on the TV and saw the error “file not found” on a white background, did someone come across this? I tried changing...