You may find out that one of your applications or the operating system doesn’t work properly. In this case, it is likely to re-install the specific program. But crashes can still take place.

Welcome to the section where one can find the exact files needed to bring the stability back to your OS or a game. The most common case is connected with the .dll file crash. Simply find the necessary article on our website and download the file for free.

Here one can also look for the fixes, patches and updates for the popular apps and games.

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Download patch 1.0.944.2 «Import/Export» for GTA 5 on PC

Eighteenth patch version 1.0.944.2 for GTA 5 Online on the...

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Watch_Dogs 2: Disable wallhack, flickering NPCs and vehicles

This mod for Watch_Dogs 2, disables the illumination of the...

GTA Online Bikers
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Download patch 1.0.877.1 «Bikers» DLC for GTA 5 on PC

Together with the seventeenth patch 1.0.877.1 for Grand Theft Auto...

GTA Online Cunning Stunts
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Download patch 1.0.791.2 Cunning Stunts DLC for GTA 5 on PC

Patch 1.0.791.2 for Grand Theft Auto V on PC introducing...

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Download Patch 1.0.757.4 for GTA 5 on PC

Unfortunately, we still don’t have any information about the patch...

Lowriders: Custom Classics
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Download patch 1.0.678.1 Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC for GTA 5 on PC

Download free patch version 1.0.678.1 for Grand Theft Auto V on...

drop zone gta online
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Download Patch 1.0.617.1 for GTA 5 on PC

12th patch 1.0.617.1 for Grand Theft Auto V made a...

Executives and Other Criminals
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Download Patch 1.0.505.2 Executives and Other Criminals for GTA 5 on PC

With the eleventh patch 1.0.573.1 for Grand Theft Auto V...

GTA Online Lowriders
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Download Patch 1.0.505.2 Lowriders DLC for GTA 5 on PC

Finally, here is come turn for patch 1.0.505.2 for Grand...

GTA Online Freemode Events Update
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Download Patch 1.0.463.1 for GTA 5 on PC

This patch 1.0.463.1 for Grand Theft Auto V on PC...