DOOM – Build & Play New Campaigns in SnapMap


It’s been a great year for the DOOM SnapMap team. Since the release of DOOM seven months ago, the SnapMap community has published over 165,000 maps. To support your creativity and passion, we’ve delivered several free updates to SnapMap – but we’re not done yet. Last week we released our final SnapMap update of 2016, which made SnapMap even more powerful when it comes to creating full single-player campaigns. It’s our way of thanking you for your creativity and support.

While SnapMap was built to empower the map authors, it’s also a great way to continue playing with DOOM. Thanks to the abundance of your amazing creations, SnapMap is now a destination for enjoying thousands of new DOOM experiences. For those of you who have not yet tried DOOM SnapMap, I encourage you to jump in and experience all the great gameplay your fellow DOOM fans have built. Check out this trailer we put together that showcases everything we’ve added to SnapMap since launch and highlights many of our favorite single-player style campaigns created by our talented community!

As the trailer shows, we’ve come a long way since our initial release. Your creativity and feedback inspired and informed all of our efforts. Our two primary updates this year expanded module themes to Hell and Classic DOOM environments, added new environment customization, provided the ability to create multi-level campaigns, and added new weapons, editor functionality and logic. As a result, we’ve seen great new gameplay with multi-level single-player campaigns, co-op missions, four-player deathmatch, classic DOOM missions, and lots of creative new game modes ranging from demon skeet shooting to RPGs.

To help organize all the new content being published, we’ve added a Featured Map section so new players can quickly find the latest official content. We’ve also added a Review Queue for the community to play and recommend the best new maps. While these tools have helped enhance the SnapMap experience, we’re also excited to see the community take a role in the promotion and curation of maps outside of the game, with lots of great YouTube recordings, active SnapMap forums, and, where map authors can post their maps for community feedback.

Our last update for 2016 delivered almost everything needed for creating a full DOOM single-player campaign, including: logic to support a campaign player progression, camera rumbles, campaign styled objective HUD and compass, logic to support checkpoints and improved limits. We’re also adding Lazarus Labs themed modules, the DOOM Marine Praetor armor, as well as more props, game items and logic. We’re looking forward to playing some great new DOOM campaigns in SnapMap over the holiday break.

Thank you again for all the great DOOM SnapMap gameplay you’ve created this year. These updates have been our way of showing you how much we appreciate all of your creative contributions to DOOM through SnapMap. We hope you enjoy the latest update and continue to experience new ways of playing DOOM through SnapMap!

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