How to avoid a crash when starting CS: GO after an update


After the recent CS: GO update, some users encountered an error in which the game crashes together with the launch on various maps. CS: GO developer John McDonald shared a method to fix this problem on his Twitter.

A Valve employee said that to avoid this error, you need to make sure that the launch parameters are missing -preload, and cl_forcepreload is missing from the configuration files or its value is set to 0. At the same time, he added that the next update will fix all these errors.

To remove -preload, you need to right-click on CS: GO in the Steam library, select “Properties”, then “Set launch options” and, if there is a command -preload, remove it. To fix the cl_forcepreload value, you need to find the cfg folder in the CS: GO root folder and open the required configuration file, then set the cl_forcepreload value to zero.

It is worth noting that after McDonald’s advice, some CS: GO users continue to experience problems with the game crashing.

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