Released GTA 4 for Android and iOS in 2018?


As you know, a few days ago for Android and iOS out game Bully Anniversary Edition which is a reprint, in honor of the tenth anniversary, original Bully Scholarship Edition.

Moreover, the first Bully, released in 2008 for Playstation 2, was then improved in terms of graphics re-release Scholarship Edition (PC, Xbox 360, Wii). Anniversary Edition, in turn, did better than SE in terms of lighting, textures, character models and resolution.

More surprising that Bully to the maximum system requirements now runs without problems on mobile devices. Whether it was about this dream ten years ago?


But exactly the same question many of us ask ourselves, when was released the mobile version of GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.

Don’t forget about GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Chinatown Wars.

And here the question arises: all these anniversaries, which Rockstar Games reissue their games for mobile devices… Get the list of GTA 4 by 2018 because 2017-th, most likely, will mark the tenth anniversary of GTA Vice City Stories (original release for the PSP in 2006, but the release on the PS2 in 2007).

Let’s have a look at the system requirements Bully Scholarship Edition:

  • Intel Pentium 4 (3+ GHZ) / AMD Athlon 3000+
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 256MB DirectX 9.0c (NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or 7300 / ATI Radeon X1300)

System requirements GTA San Andreas:

  • Pentium III / Athlon
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 64 MB DirectX 8.1 (NVIDIA GeForce 3)

Well, the minimum system requirements for GTA 4:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz / AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz
  • 1 GB / 1.5 GB RAM
  • 256MB NVIDIA 7900+ / 256MB ATI X1900+

It is evident that a clear outsider here GTA San Andreas, despite the size of the game. As for Bully and GTA 4, the latter requires only slightly more system resources and more modern processor.

Of course, do not forget about that here are the minimum system requirements GTA 4. And the difference between the minimum salary and the maximum speed is very significant.

However, Rockstar Games has another two years just so I can optimize, especially given the pace with which the mobile industry develops.

  1. Hasib 29.05.2017 in 14:09

    Gta iv release 2018 when though !

  2. Hasib 29.05.2017 in 14:10

    When will it be release and rate

  3. saksham 05.07.2017 in 14:24

    gta 4 will be released April or December 2018 date maybe 29 or 30 April or December 31 and gta 5 for ios September 2023 or December 

  4. dawood mhlengi 29.07.2017 in 01:29

    I am a big fan of GTA science I was a very little boy I use to seemy big brother playing it no PC that was just GTA vc. One day my biggest brother bring a PlayStation home and it was my PlayStation and he got me GTAsa.i have never loved anytin like that and now I got a smartphone I wrd really looking forward to play GTA4. Next year

  5. pravesh kumar 09.08.2017 in 09:10

    im waiting gta 4…. for android.. though 2018

  6. pravesh kumar 09.08.2017 in 09:11

    im waiting gta 4 for android

  7. kirtik patel 03.10.2017 in 10:02

    Gta4 ko android me jaldi se lunch karo yar

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