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Fallout 4 ‘My Creation’ Interview – TrickyVein

Fallout 4 ‘My Creation’ Interview – TrickyVein

ModderTrickyVein (real name: Miles Wimbrow) is making lots of friends in the Bethesda Community this month with his Fallout 4 featured mod, Crossbows of the Commonwealth. Prior to modding Fallout 4, Miles spent time working on new environment art and ...

Fallout 4 ‘My Creation’ Interview: henkspamadres

Fallout 4 ‘My Creation’ Interview: henkspamadres

Like Fallout 3, Fallout 4’s wasteland features an extraterrestrial visit for players to investigate. Players that successfully tracked the crash destination could also explore a nearby cave, where they discovered a super powerful Alien Blaster Pistol. The weapon is memorable, ...