Download patch 1.0.944.2 «Import/Export» for GTA 5 on PC

Eighteenth patch version 1.0.944.2 for GTA 5 Online on the PC. Version GTA Online — 1.36. Which includes DLC called «Import/Export».

How to install patch 1.0.944.2 «Import/Export»  for GTA 5 on PC?

  • Install GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_944_2.exe.
  • Install Social-Club-v1.2.1.0-Setup.exe.
  • Place the folder “mpimportexport” and “patchday13ng” Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\.
  • Copy file GTA5.exe from the archive into the root game folder, replacing the old.
  • Copy the file “update.rpf” Grand Theft Auto V\update\, replacing the old.
  • Run GTA 5 as usual and play!
  • If you have any problems when you start, delete folder “mpimportexport” and “patchday13ng”.

All older versions of patches for GTA 5 are available on this page – Patches for GTA 5

Download patch 1.0.944.2 «Import/Export» for GTA 5 on PC
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