How to fix Windows 10 Update error code 0x800c0002?

0x800c0002 is an error that occurs in Windows Update when checking for updates or installing them. This problem affects users of operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Error is a typical problem and it is fixed quite simply in most cases. Although, sometimes, it may still be necessary to tinker. Nevertheless, let’s move on to the methods by which you can get rid of the error 0x800c0002.

we recommend that you go through a small list of steps that will help you solve the problem without resorting to methods. Try the following:

  • Restart your computer. Do not panic immediately at the sight of 0x800c0002 and try something tricky on your PC. Have you tried simply to restart the computer? Most users diligently ignore this advice, referring to the fact that it does not solve absolutely any problems. However, this is not the case. For example, if an accidental malfunction has occurred in the system, it can be safely resolved by a reboot, which will lead to a stable state. Try restarting the computer and see if the errors disappear 0x800c0002.
  • Check the stability of the Internet connection. Obviously, the availability check and download updates are made by the forces of your Internet connection to which the computer is connected. If the used connection is in an extremely unstable state and the download of the update is interrupted at some point, then the error 0x800c0002 is quite expected result. You can check for problems with the Internet connection using the system utility “Troubleshooting”.
  • Check the system using an antivirus. One of the most unpleasant variants of error occurrence 0x800c0002 is the impact on the system of viruses. To immediately exclude this option, check your computer with any antivirus installed on your OS. In fact, you can use even the Windows Defender system antivirus (it is not much inferior to third-party analogs).

Well, if you went through the above steps, but error 0x800c0002 still pestering you, then it’s time to take more serious actions, which we will now consider. Let’s start with the easiest method.


Fixing Windows 10 error 0x800c0002

Method # 1 Using a third-party Microsoft tool

So, the simplest and most obvious way out of the situation with the error 0x800c0002 is to use a specialized tool to troubleshoot the Update Center. Unfortunately, this utility is not a system utility, so you will have to go to the official Microsoft website and download it to your system.

As soon as you download the tool – everything is extremely simple: start it and follow the instructions on the screen. When you are finished with the tool, restart your computer and go to Update Center to check for error 0x800c0002.

Method # 2 Resetting Windows Update

If the automated tool did not have the desired effect on the error 0x800c0002, then you can try something more cardinal. If you experience any problems in Windows Update, you can try to reset its components. In most cases, the reset solves all the problems that arise in the Center, after which you can safely continue updating the system.

To reset the Update Center, you will need to resort to the Command Line functionality in which you need to enter certain commands. So, do the following:

  • Click Windows + S.
  • Enter the “Command line”.
  • Click on the result of the PCM and select “Run as administrator”.
  • And, most importantly, enter ALL the following commands:
  • 0x800c0002
  • Close the Command prompt and restart the PC.

So, this operation could take you quite a lot of time, but believe me – it was worth it. Try entering Windows Update and check for error 0x800c0002. With a high probability, you will see that the problem has been solved. However, if it is still present in the Update Center, you can try to perform some more steps.

Method # 3 Performing a clean boot

Nothing worked and error 0x800c0002 is still present in the system and prevents you from doing the update. This is bad enough, given that the methods of solving this error are now somewhat more complicated. In this method, we will try with you to perform a clean boot of your system in order to determine the culprit of the failure during the update.

So, clean boot is a special list of actions by which you can identify the services or programs that prevent the installation of updates in Windows Update. Implementing a clean boot is quite easy, and it takes you only a few minutes. But finding a problematic element in the system is much longer, but more on that later.

Press Windows + R to display the “Run …” utility. Then enter msconfig into it, then press Enter. Before you should appear a window with the configuration of the system. Go to the “Services” tab and activate the option “Do not display Microsoft services”. Then click on “Disable All”.

Close the system configuration window and open the Task Manager in the way that you most prefer, for example, Ctrl + Alt + Del and select an item. Open the “Startup” tab and disable all programs that are there. When you have completed this process, restart the computer.

Now again go to the System Update Center and try to check for the presence / installation of the update for Windows. It did not help – put everything back in its place and move on. If it helps, then there is a service or program on your system that conflicts with the update being installed. To determine what exactly is a conflicting item, you need to turn on everything deactivated one at a time until error 0x800c0002 appears again. Then it remains only to solve the problem with the service or the program.

Method # 4 Cleaning SoftwareDistribution

Finally, I want to consider another method that helps some users suffering from error 0x800c0002. It is in the removal of the folder SoftwareDistribution, which is located in C: \ Windows \. However, you should not run away and delete this folder, because this process needs to be done a little differently.

Click Windows + S to highlight the search string before it, and then start PowerShell (always on behalf of the administrator). After opening the utility, enter the following lines in it:

  • Stop-Service wuauserv
  • Remove-Item -Recurse -Force C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\*
  • Start-Service wuauserv

After doing this, close PowerShell as superfluous and restart your computer. Now go to Update Center again and make sure there is a 0x800c0002 error. As already mentioned, some users benefit from this step, and you, perhaps, will also benefit.

We hope that this material helped you in solving the problem that occurred when updating the Windows system. If not, we can recommend you to find an update in the Microsoft directory and install it manually, disable the antivirus and firewall, set the correct date and time settings. By these steps, you may be able to solve the error 0x800c0002 and finally update the system.

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