16 useful combinations for Mac users

File manager Finder may seem pretty basic thing, but, in fact, it hides a huge variety of all sorts of usefulness. When you want to cut and paste files or go to a specific folder, you just need to know the combinations necessary for these actions.

Some users openly dislike the Finder, pointing out that it is sometimes very unpleasant to move around it. However, now we will show you how to simplify your life with the help of a dozen combinations.


Useful shortcuts for Finder

Delete a file

Click the Delete button when a file is selected, and nothing happens: you just hear a sound. If you really want to delete the file, then you need to press the Command + Delete combination. Clicking this combination, the selected files instantly go to the Trash.

By the way, talking about the shopping cart. You can also clear it by pressing Command + Shift + Delete. After pressing a combination, you will be asked the confirmation of the intention to delete the file or files; just click on Enter and your Trash will be cleared.

Cut and paste files instead of copying them

Quite a frequent question from novice Mac users: how to cut and paste files? By right-clicking on the file in the Finder, you will replace the “Cut” option in the context menu. However, this does not mean that you can not cut and paste the file. For this action, you will need a special key combination on the keyboard.

First, the file can be copied using all the known combination – Command + C. Then, pressing Command + V, we insert a copy of this file into the place we need. However, to cut and paste the file, press Command + C again, and then press Command + Option + V to move the file. Thus, you do not need to copy the file every time to transfer it to anywhere.

Preview any file

Most Mac users already know how to preview files, but let’s look at this action just in case. Select any file in the Finder, and then click on Space to perform its preview. This trick works for images, documents, most video formats, and you can add support for more file formats. This is one of the finest Finder functions, so use it to the fullest.

Hide and Show Sidebar

The Sidebar Finder shows you your favorite folders and the connected drive, but you may not always want to see this panel in front of you. Use the Command + Option + S key combination to hide and show the Sidebar of the Finder. Convenient and simple!

Quickly find any Dock application

Want to uninstall the program on your Dock, but do not remember where it was installed? Hold the Command key while clicking on the program icon on the Dock. After this action, Finder will open a new window with the directory of the installed application, and even allocate the application for you.

Instantly insert several files into a New folder

Do you want to move multiple files to the newly created folder? To select multiple files at the same time, hold down the Command button and click on each one in turn. When you are done selecting files, press Command + Control + N on the keyboard to create a new folder and automatically add all selected files to it.

Show hidden files

To see the hidden files on your Mac, you only need to press one simple key combination on the keyboard: Command + Shift + Period. If you want to hide these files again, press Command + Shift + Period again.

Go to a specific folder

Sometimes, we may need to go to a particular folder or directory. However, in order not to bother with moving to the right place for a long time, you can use a small number of combinations:

  • Command + Shift + C: the top layer of the system folder
  • Command + Shift + D: Desktop
  • Command + Shift + F: all my files
  • Command + Shift + G: go to the folder
  • Command + Shift + H: home folder
  • Command + Shift + I: iDrive drive folder
  • Command + Shift + O: Documents folder
  • Command + Shift + R: AirDrop folder
  • Command + Shift + U: Utilities folder
  • Command + Option + L: Downloads folder

If you can remember the above combinations, moving the file manager Finder OS Mac OS will be a much more enjoyable pastime.

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