401 Unauthorized Error – How to Fix?

A 401 Unauthorized Error can prevent you from accessing your favorite website. 

We all have to visit websites that require user to register and authorize. And while accessing your favorite website you could get a 401 Unauthorized error.

“I don’t understand, everything was fine before!” – you might have thought.

What Causes a 401 Unauthorized Error?

Such a code appears after you have entered the wrong username and password on the authorization page several times in a row. Imagine that you are trying to get on a plane, but instead of a ticket you show an attendant a transit pass for a bus. This is roughly the same situation here.

In rarer cases, the 401 code appears as a result of an error on the site itself. Wrong settings, broken script, issues during data transmission – anything is possible. The blame here lies entirely on the website owner, not the user.

How Do I Get Rid of a 401 Unauthorized Error?

Usually 401 error is a temporary ban, which lasts about half an hour – maximum an hour. Simply wait for a while and re-enter your login/password.

However, if you have waited long enough, but 401 Unauthorized error has not disappeared, it is recommended, firstly, to restart the browser and, secondly, delete cache and cookie files.

Well, if it did not help, then the problem is clearly not on your side. Contact the website’s owner and find out what the problem is.

Do you know any other ways to solve 401 error? Please, share them in comments.

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