How to access BIOS on Acer laptops?

As you know, laptops differ PCs not only by appearance and the location of the internal modules. Typically, they are designed in a special way. Developers use solutions that provide lower power consumption and small size of the device. BIOS differs as well, but not so much as one may assume.


  • Usually, we use Del key to enter BIOS on the PC at the moment of its launch. This is caused by the basic input-output system chip. There is only one chip supplier that sells its devices to the majority of the chip manufacturers. When we take laptops in account, the situations differs. Particular manufacturer uses its own BIOS key.
  • Look at the bottom of the laptop display when the device is launching. At the left or right side you will see an inscription “Press F2 to enter setup” for a while. This inscription may differ a bit, but the most important thing is to remember the exact key of your own laptop. This key will let you enter BIOS.
  • Restart your laptop if you didn’t press the key on time. You can press it many times right at the moment your laptop is launching, so you won’t miss the right moment.
  • The required key can also be found in your motherboard’s manual. Look for the BIOS Features section and it will be there. Reading this section you can also find out how to configure your laptop.
  • Download the motherboard manual from the manufacturer’s official website in case its paper version is lost.

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