How to access BIOS on a Lenovo laptop

BIOS is an essential basic system of the PC. Its mission is to check the PC hardware before the OS is launched. This very element usually appears as a table in a text form. Navigation is carried out by means of the special keys. Setting BIOS gives you a chance to set the parameters of the devices. It also helps to identify the source from which the PC’s operating system is loaded.


  • Connect Lenovo to the mains supply. In case of the electricity’s absence your device may be seriously damaged.
  • If you do not have the manual, you will have to go on the Internet and find the information you need on the website of the manufacturer. This can be done online or downloaded as a text-file.
  • Run the computer and look at its display. One can usually see there a tip. There is an information about the combination of keys that must be pressed.

Pay attention that you should be really cautious here not to change the crucial parameters!

  • Look for the F2/F12 buttons. These are the keys designed to interrupt the loading of the operating system.
  • Use and hold the F12 button on the keyboard. That’s how one can get to the Quick Boot. This small but very important computer architecture subsection is designed to determine the priority of the boot.

Use F2 to get to the main BIOS menu. Unlike typical PCs, laptop’s BIOS also gives you a chance to:

  • modify the security options;
  • shift the touchpad options;
  • look for the machine’s serial number, motherboard and other hardware.
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