How to fix advapi32.dll error on Windows 7/10/11

An error with advapi32.dll file appears when starting/installing applications on various Windows versions – XP, 7, 10, and even the latest builds of 11. In some cases, an error is reported when working in Visual Studios. The error message contains the following information:

The procedure entry point ***** could not be located in the dynamic link library advapi32.dll.


This application failed to start because advapi32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the app may fix the issue.

advapi32.dll is a dynamic library of WinAPI elements that are needed for different Windows program interfaces. Specifically this library is responsible for registry management and personal accounts. In other words, quite an important element of the operating system, which involved in many of the processes.

How to get rid of advapi32.dll error on Windows 7

Despite its age (and lack of support), Windows 7 is still a popular operating system, which is installed on the PCs of many users around the globe. And it is these users who commonly suffer from the advapi32.dll file error. Even more often this error is encountered by players of World of Tanks and PUBG, who decided to stay longer on the “seven”.


Fortunately, Windows 7 owners can get around this problem by installing just one update to their system. According to numerous statements on the net, after installing KB3080149 the errors will disappear. You can download KB3080149 from the Microsoft Update Catalogue.

Fixing advapi32.dll error on Windows 10/11

On Windows 10/11, advapi32.dll error may appear because the application is not compatible with the OS version. For example, if it was originally developed for Windows XP and you are trying to run it on Windows 11.

Here’s what we recommend you to do:

  • reinstall the existing application;
  • find and install the newest version of the app;
  • install any pending updates for Windows;
  • restore Windows system files and image using SFC and DISM tools;
  • reinstall Windows.

To get SFC and DISM working, you need to do the following:

  • press WIN+S and search for “Command Prompt”;
  • click on the found result and select “Run as administrator”;
  • enter the SFC /SCANNOW command into the console and press ENTER;
  • view the SFC results, and then reboot your PC;
  • invoke the Command Prompt again (as an administrator) and execute the following commands in the console:
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  • Wait for the DISM to finish and then reboot the PC.

Reinstalling Windows should, of course, only be the last resort when all other solutions have failed. As an alternative, you can try to return the OS to its original state via a restore point – to the point when there were no complaints about advapi32.dll yet. You can do this in Control Panel→Restore.

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