All about AMD XGP Technology

AMD XGP Technology provides enthusiast-class graphics performance to notebooks and value-segment desktop systems through the use of an AMD XGP external graphics solution (module).

When an AMD XGP module is connected to a system using an AMD XGP cable, the graphics processors in the module become available for external or accelerated graphics rendering. The AMD XGP page also becomes available with the following options:

  • Allow additional displays for your system—Provides support for even more displays through the display connections on the AMD XGP module.
  • Accelerate the performance of displays already connected to your system—Provides enthusiast-class graphics performance to displays that are connected directly to your system using only the graphics processors in the module. In other words, all graphics processing and rendering responsibilities are delegated to the AMD XGP module. All graphics processors (integrated and/or discrete) in your system and all displays connected to the AMD XGP module are automatically disabled.

Configuring AMD XGP Technology Settings

The AMD XGP page becomes available when an AMD XGP external graphics solution (module) is connected to your system. Use the page to configure the module for additional display support or accelerated graphics performance.

Make sure that you close applications before switching between AMD XGP Technology settings to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Navigate to the AMD XGP page using the following groups:
    • Standard View—Desktops and Displays, Performance, or Gaming > Performance.
    • Advanced View—Desktop Management or Performance.
  2. Select the appropriate option:
    • Allow additional displays—Select this option to configure the AMD XGP module for multi-display support. Displays connected to the module can be individually enabled and configured using the desktop and display management pages in the Control Center application.
    • Accelerate existing displays—Select this option to accelerate the graphics performance of displays that are connected directly to your system using the graphics processors in the AMD XGP module. Displays that are connected directly to the AMD XGP module and the graphics processors in your system are automatically disabled.
  3. Click Apply.

The current display configuration is updated accordingly.

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