How to clear the cache in Opera?

Cache is a folder that stores various elements of the visited web pages. These elements are retained to reduce the websites’ loading time while another session, i.e. browsers will not download images, flash drives and other elements again. But sometimes the cache overflow may cause a reduction of the browsing speed. Therefore from time to time the cache needs to be refreshed. To clear your cache you can use following methods.

opera browser


  • If you use the English version of the Opera browser, you will need to follow these steps. First, select the tab Tools in the menu bar, open the Preferences and then Advanced. By clicking Empty now you will clear the cache.
  • For maximum convenience in the Advanced section tick Empty on exit. This function clears the browser cache when the browser is closed.
  • You can also use another method. Clicking on the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data and then Detailed setup. In the new dialog box tick Empty the cache. Click OK.
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