All Common errors of iTunes

1 – Not the firmware or version of iTunes
The firmware will not fit the device or version of iTunes is too old to work with this version. Update iTunes to the latest version if the error persists, redownload the firmware again

2 – the Firmware is assembled incorrectly
The firmware is recognized, but cannot be used due to the fact that collected and Packed improperly (usually error appears when you work with a custom firmware). Redownload the firmware or try another

5, 6 – Not the flashing mode
Firmware cannot be installed either because of damage logos download, either due to the fact that the device entered is not in the service mode (for example, the firmware is designed to DFU Mode, and you try to recover using Recovery Mode). Enter the device in DFU Mode, if not help – try another firmware

8 – Not the device
Firmware appropriate to the version of iTunes, but not suitable to the device (for example, it is not for that generation of the device). Download the firmware corresponding to your model

9 – Kernel Panic
Kernel panic in the device while using IOS. Occurs or if the loss of data transmission by cable, or firmware incompatibility with the selected mode of recovery. Try to restore the firmware via DFU Mode. Check for a loose cable in the USB port and 30-pin connector device. Change cable or port.

10 – No boot loader LLB
Damaged or missing LLB LLB due to crooked collected custom firmware. Download other custom firmware or rebuild it yourself

11 – Incomplete firmware file
The firmware lacks the number needed for downloading files. Download other custom firmware or rebuild it yourself

13 – cable Problem
Problem USB cable or 30-pin connector or an attempt to install a beta version of iOS under Windows. Change cable or USB port. Disable the BIOS USB 2.0

14 – Broken firmware file
During suturing was found the violation of the integrity of the firmware file. Disable the firewall and antivirus, try a different cable or USB port, try another firmware

17 – Flashing with custom on custom
Trying to update from one custom firmware to another custom firmware. Before flashing, enter the device Recovery Mode or DFU Mode

18 – Corrupted media library device
Corrupted media library iOS device. With the big share of probability will need to re-flash

20 – Requires DFU mode
Mode instead of DFU Mode your device is in Recovery Mode. Enter the device in DFU Mode

21 – Requires pwned DFU mode
Error DFU mode when jailbreaking. Enter the device in DFU Mode using Pwnage Tool, sn0wbreeze or redsn0w

23 – Unreadable IMEI/MAC
iTunes can read IMEI or MAC address of the hardware device. If the other firmware the problem persists, then the problem is hardware in nature

26 – Error NOR memory
Error when working with NOR-memory due to crooked collected firmware. Download other custom firmware or rebuild it yourself

27, 29 – Looping firmware
iTunes gets stuck in a loop when trying to restore the firmware. Update iTunes to the latest version

28 – the problem with the memory
The failure of flash memory or the contact group. To help you can only in service

31 – Absence from DFU
The device can not get out of DFU mode. Often the error indicates a hardware problem

34 – No space on hard drive
Not enough space on the disk. Free hard drive where you installed iTunes

35 – No access to the iTunes folder
Spoiled access to the iTunes folder on the Mac. Run Disk utility and restore access rights

36, 39, 40, 306, 10054 – No access to the update server
The problem with access to the activation servers and signing. Disable the firewall and antivirus, check the hosts file

37 – the Loader is not suited to the device
LLB does not correspond to the model due to an error when building a custom firmware. Download other custom firmware or rebuild it yourself

54 – it is Impossible to transfer purchases
You cannot transfer iTunes Store purchases from your device. Delete the old backup. Deauthorize computer in iTunes (menu “Shop”) and try again

414 Content for adults only
You have no right to fill in the device content rating of 17+. Correct data on the age of your account iTunes (menu “Shop-View my account”)

1002 – Error copying
When copying firmware files to the device the error occurred. Start the flashing procedure again

1004 – Apple Servers are overloaded
Apple servers were unable to send SHSH-hashes for the device. Try to flash later

1008 – Invalid characters in Apple ID
Your Apple ID contains invalid (from the point of view of iTunes) characters. Try not to use the Apple ID either, except Latin letters and digits

1011, 1012 Modem device not responding
Modem iPhone/iPad does not respond. Try restarting your device. If the error repeats constantly, there will be hardware problems

1013-1015 – Downgrade modem
iTunes tried to downgrade the modem iPhone/iPad. The error says that the flashing has completed normally, however, by itself, the iPhone/iPad after it boot I can not. You must use Kick Device Out of Recovery in TinyUmbrella utility

1050 – the Apple Server is unavailable
The Apple’s activation servers are unavailable. Try activating the device again later

1394 System files corrupted
System files damaged as a result of unsuccessful jailbreak. Restore the firmware and jailbreak again

1413-1428 – Problems with USB
Problems with data transmission via USB cable. Check the integrity of the cable and faulty USB port

1430, 1432 – Device not recognized
The device is not recognized. Change cable, USB port, computer. May indicate a hardware problem

1450 – No access rights to the file library
It is impossible to modify the file in your iTunes library. Restore the permissions on Mac OS X, check the owners and permissions to the folder in Windows

1600, 1611 – recovery mode is Required
Restore to custom firmware goes through DFU Mode, although this must be done through Recovery Mode. Enter the device in Recovery Mode

1601 – No access to the device
iTunes can’t get full access to the device. Turn off all background processes, try another USB port or cable, reinstall iTunes

1602 – Unknown device mode
iTunes can’t verify that the device has entered in the desired mode. Check the hosts file, disable all background processes, try another USB port or cable

1603, 1604 – Requires jailbreak
For custom firmware restores nagelbrunnen device. Jailbreak on the current firmware. Note: using jailbreak tool Spirit and JailbreakMe site is not complete and also leads to such errors

1608 – iTunes corrupted
Damaged components iTunes. You have to reinstall iTunes

1609 – update is Required iTunes
Version of iTunes is too old to work with the device. Update iTunes to the latest version

1619 – Work in DFU mode impossible
iTunes sees the device normally but cannot work with it in DFU-mode. Update iTunes to the latest version

1644 – Interference from the system
Other system processes interfere with iTunes to work with the firmware file. Restart the computer, disable the firewall and antivirus, close all programs running in the background

1646 – Need to reboot device
iTunes was unable to load the device in the desired mode. Restart the iOS device, restart iTunes

2001 – No access to device (Mac OS)
Drivers Mac OS X to block access to the device. Update Mac OS X to the latest version

2002 – Access device is blocked
Access iTunes to the device block other system processes. Close all other programs, turn off antivirus, restart the computer

2003 – Bad USB port
Damaged USB port. Clean the USB port, check the contacts, try to connect the device to another port or computer

2005 – Bad cable
A damaged cable. Replace the cable

3000, 3004, 3999 – No access to the update server
It is impossible to access the server to sign the firmware. Disable the firewall and antivirus. Set IE as your default browser.

3001, 5103, -42210 – unable to load video
iTunes can’t download videos. Locate and delete from the disk utility folder “SC Info”

3002, 3194 No SHSH certificate
It is impossible to request from the server to sign the firmware any hash SHSH. Occurs if you have redirected iTunes to the server via Cydia hosts file or utility TinyUmbrella, but the server has no saved hashes for this firmware. Disable TinyUmbrella or remove the hosts file line “”.
Also error 3194 occurs when the user is trying to install are out of date (obsolete) firmware. To find out what firmware is current at the moment, in the thread [FAQ] the Actuality of the firmware

3123 – Impossible to get a video rental
iTunes can’t take a video rental. Deauthorize computer in iTunes and sign in again

3191 QuickTime corrupted
Damaged components QuickTime. You have to reinstall the player components QuickTime

3195 – Certificate SHSH povrede
Adopted SHSH hash is damaged. Try to start flashing again

3200 – Incomplete firmware
In custom firmware might not have the required images. Download other custom firmware or create it yourself again

5002 – unable to make the payment
It is impossible to confirm payment in iTunes Store. Check the correctness of the information on your credit card

8008, -50, -5000, -42023 – Cannot download file
iTunes could not restore the session of the download file. Clear the contents of the folder “iTunes Media/Downloads” folder in your iTunes

8248 – Incompatible plugins
The normal work iTunes interfere with old incompatible plugins. Installed to remove iTunes plugins, until the error no longer comes up

9807 – Issue of digital signature
iTunes could not contact the server to verify the digital signatures. Disable the firewall and antivirus

9813 – Invalid key
Invalid certificates keychain. Clear cache in Safari (menu “Safari-Reset Safari”)

11222 – server Access blocked
Blocked access to services iTunes. Disable the firewall

13001 – iTunes music Library damaged
Irreversible damage of the file in your iTunes library. Delete the iTunes folder, the iTunes Library file and files with itdb extension

13014, 13136 – Interference from the system
Other processes interfere with the normal work of iTunes. Restart the computer, disable the firewall and antivirus, close all programs running in the background

13019 – Error library
Library error when trying to sync. Check your iTunes library for damaged files and incompatible

20000 – conflict with the Windows shell
iTunes conflicts with GUI Windows. Enable Windows standard theme

20008 – Conflict with TinyUmdrella
iTunes conflicts with a utility TinyUmbrella. Update TinyUmbrella and restart your computer

-1 – a “Dead” modem
Critical error modem. Sometimes when you update iOS on your iPhone without increasing the modem. Use redsn0w or TinyUmbrella to display the gadget out of recovery mode

-35, -39 Error download music from the store
It is impossible to download music from the iTunes Store. Update iTunes to the latest version, sign out and log back in, disable the firewall and antivirus

-50 – No connection to the Apple servers
iTunes can’t contact the servers. Update iTunes to the latest version, sign out and log back in, disable the firewall and antivirus. In an extreme case – reinstall iTunes and QuickTime

-3198 – Downloaded files are corrupted
The integrity of the downloaded files. Re-download through iTunes again

-3221 – No permissions (Mac OS)
Incorrect permissions on the program file iTunes on the Mac. Run Disk utility and make the restoration of the rights of access

-3259 – timeout expired
The maximum waiting time in the iTunes Store. Check the connection to the Internet

-9800, -9808, -9812, -9814, -9815 – Incorrect date/time
Error time of purchase in the iTunes Store. Put the computer the correct date

-9843 – Download blocked
The security system of the iTunes Store blocked the download. Log out of your account, restart iTunes and login again

0хЕ8000004 – the problem with Wi-Fi
Check the Wi-Fi module, cables and antenna in the device

0xE8000001, 0xE800006B – Unexpected shutdown of the device
The device was suddenly disconnected. Restart iTunes and connect the device again

0xE8000022 – the firmware of the device is damaged
Permanently damaged the system files of iOS. Restore the firmware

0xE800003D – No access to network settings
iPhone or iPad cannot receive file access settings operators. Either correct the permissions (if your phone is jailbroken), remove all custom bundles operators, or at least restore the firmware

0xE8000065 – the problem of the custom firmware
Error when trying to install a custom firmware. Typically, the error occurs when working with the firmware created in sn0wbreeze. Restart the computer, try to restore again in case of failure, create the firmware again

0xE8008001 is an Unsigned application
Attempting to install to the device unsigned applications. Don’t put pirate software

0x80090318 (iTunes does not see the Internet connection, even though it is)
Run command line in Windows
At the command prompt, enter the command:
netsh winsock reset

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