How to convert a file from pdf to doc?

It often happens that various documents in pdf-format should be transformed into the MS Word files with its extension. This format is used for reading the online documentation and reports. One is not allowed to take the data from it properly without the content changing. To eliminate this issue one should try the diversity of the applications that will not only change files, but keep them nice and sound.

Converting file by the software?

It is possible to convert the text-data from pdf into doc in many ways. One can just copy the contents of the file in MS Office, but you will definitely lose the structure and brake the formatting. That is why one has come up with special software called the converter. It improves the work and makes it better.

For example, you can use a standard built-in option of Word 13, which already has a function of changing the pdf-file to a Word document. You just need to open it with this extension and it will be displayed. This method affects the quality of the document losing intervals and so on.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Much easier way can be implemented with the help of the First PDF application, which can be downloaded from the Internet for free. You will need to install and run it on your computer. The program is easy and comfortable in use, and it is also available for each user.
  • For the convertation you need to select the file to be converted on your computer. Then select the format and specify the path where the new file will be located. Then click GO and after a few minutes doc-file will be created.
  • Besides this program, there are a number of other apps. Their difference is that not all the software shows the high quality. Some of these programs are as follows: Converter PDF to Word 1.4, PDF Converter v1.0, FineReader 8.0.

Converting file by the online converter?

In our time, you can do a lot of different activities on the Internet including the conversion of pdf to doc online. This can be done using the free service Runet which does not need you to register.

Another tips to know:

  • As a rule, it is necessary to visit the site and specify the path to the file you want to change by clicking on Select a file. After choosing the doc-format you can get a zipped file, if necessary. Convertation of the document starts after you click Convert The file is ready to use. There are a lot of services, but this one stands out due to its quality of the transformed electronic documents.
  • Another method is the conversion via Google Disk. In order to make it you need to register unless the service account has not been already created. Once the registration has done, go to your account, click the Download button that is located next to the Create Select the path of the file with the pdf-extension and wait until it downloaded.
  • Open the downloaded file with the help of Google Document Now you have the ability to edit the file contents. After working with it, you can download it as a Word-document. To do this, go to the item File, then use Download as and choose docx option.

When one changes file’s extension, the main thing is the preservation of the electronic document structure and format. Therefore, you should use the trustworthy service only. It will create a document with exactness, including size and text placement.

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