How to delete winsxs folder?

WinSxS folder bigness has always been a vital issue for users of Vista and Win7. This is a disk space where the libraries, data and sys-folders are stored. Its size is constantly increasing, so one day one sees a monster and wants to eliminate it promptly. Sadly, one can’t simply do it.


  • Look for the exe app on the Internat (for Vista) or compcin.exe (for Win7) for the primary analysis. It will try to lower the scope of the WinSxS-folder. Wiping out the selected folder can prevent your PC from work, because this element is the major OS-storage.
  • Find the WinsxsLite mini-application (560 KB) and put it to this very folder.
  • Start WinsxsLite script to activate the reduction of the WunSXS-size by eliminating useless data. This app is free-to-use.
  • Use “2” button to launch Scan-1 (testing) and then press 2+A to activate the Apply-1 (cleaning). These procedures help to identify data in the exact folder.
  • Soon the procedure will be finished. Reboot the PC to free the occupied disk-space. There are some data in this folder that can not be deleted.
  • Activate “2” button to launch Scan-2.
  • Use 2+A key-combo to activate Apply-2. This action will renew the links to the new version of the data.
  • Soon the procedure of the size reduction will be finished. It may continue up to 120 minutes.
  • Reboot the PC to save the necessary changes.
  • Correlate the folder’s bigness with the previous index. The utility’s creator claims the application to guarantee a total decrease up to 20%.

Attention: WinSxS is another Windows XP feature. The Microsoft has developed a procedure that allows to keep different versions of the identical libraries (DLLs).

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