How to disable the lock screen?

Deactivating the screen image in case of the system downtime is programmed in virtually all operating systems currently used within home and office environments. This is done to reduce the power consumption and increase the display’s working capacity.  This option can be successfully cancelled or customized.


  • If you need to disable the lock screen in Windows 7, press the Win key or click on the Start Next step is finding the Control Panel where you should choose the option called Hardware and Sound. The third point you have to pick out here is Power Supply that shows the list of the components related to the energy management. Find the Disable screen option.
  • Open the drop-down list located on this page opposite the inscription Turn off the display. In the list you can choose one the delay time before switching off or even deactivate this function by selecting the lowest line called Never. In a similar manner adjust the value in the PC’s Sleep Mode and then fix the new settings by clicking Save Changes.
  • Right click on the desktop if you want to cancel the display turning off in Windows XP. This action brings up a context menu in which you need to select the bottom line called Properties. Click on the Screensaver tab when the component responsible for the setup screen appeared. Then click on the Power button and open the properties of the power settings.
  • Select Never in drop-down lists Disable display, Standby and Hibernation if you want to disable the screen lock on the most radical way. You can choose another option by selecting the exact time. Then click the OK button, and the changes will be saved.
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