How to download d3d11.dll and fix D3D11 error when you start the game?

Lately, users often encounter errors such as D3D11 CreateDeviceAndSwapChain Failed, “failed to initialize DirectX 11”, “the program can’t Start because the file d3dx11.dll missing on the computer” and the like. Most often this occurs in Windows 7, but under certain conditions it is possible to face a problem in Windows 10.

As can be seen from the text of the error, the problem is to initialize DirectX 11, and more specifically, Direct3D 11, for which answers file d3d11.dll. At the same time, despite the fact that using the instructions on the Internet, you might just search dxdiag and see what DX 11 (or DirectX 12) installed, the problem may persist. In this tutorial — information on how to fix D3D11 CreateDeviceAndSwapChain Failed or d3dx11.dll missing on the computer.

Fix error D3D11

The cause of this error can be various factors, the most common of which

  1. Your video card does not support DirectX 11 (in this case, by pressing Win+R and typing dxdiag, you can see that you have a 11 or 12 version. However, it says nothing about the fact that there is support for this version from the video card — only that the files for the version installed on the computer).
  2. Don’t have the latest original drivers for the video card — however beginners often try to update the drivers using the “Update” button in device Manager, this is the wrong method: the message that “the Driver does not need to be updated” using this method usually means little.
  3. Not installed the required updates for Windows 7 that can lead to the fact that even with DX11, file d3d11.dll and a supported graphics card, games like Dishonored 2 continue to report a bug.

The first two points are interrelated and equally unable to meet users of Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Order of operations error in this case is:

  1. To manually download the original video card drivers from the official websites of AMD, NVIDIA or Intel (see, for example, How to install NVIDIA drivers in Windows 10) and install them.
  2. Go to dxdiag (press Win+R, enter dxdiag and press Enter), open the display tab, and under “Drivers” to pay attention to the field “DDI for Direct3D”. At values of 11.1 and above D3D11 error should not appear. At a lower — most likely the case in the absence of support from the video card or its drivers. Or, in the case of Windows 7, in the absence of the necessary updates to the platform, next.

You can also view separately installed and supported hardware and DirectX version in third-party programs, for example, in AIDA64 (see version of DirectX on the computer).

In Windows 7 errors and initialize D3D11 DirectX 11 when running modern games can appear even in cases when the required drivers are installed and the graphics card is not old. The situation can be corrected in the following way.

How to download D3D11.dll for Windows 7?

In Windows 7, the default may not be file d3d11.dll and in those images where it exists, may not work with new games, causing initialization errors D3D11.

You can download and install (or update if it already exists on the computer) from the official Microsoft site in the composition is released for 7 updates. To download this file separately with any third-party sites (or borrow from another computer) is not recommended, it is unlikely that it will fix the error d3d11.dll when you start the game.

  1. For proper installation you need to download the platform Update for Windows 7 (Windows 7 SP1) –
  2. After downloading the file, run it, and approve the installation of update KB2670838.

When the installation is complete and after restarting the computer, the library will be in the correct location (C:\ Windows\ System32\ ), and errors associated with the fact that d3d11.dll or missing on your computer, or D3D11 CreateDeviceAndSwapChain Failed, will not appear (assuming that you have enough modern equipment).

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