How to download and install DirectX?

Before installing the DirectX (DX), for first, you should understand what is it exactly. It is a set of special Microsoft software applications that were used in developing of modern games and are required for their normal work.

How to check the version of DirectX and its installation?

DirectX is very important for the games normal functioning on the PC. There are no games running without it. But before taking feverish attempts to search for the information of how to install this API, find out if you need to update this software. To learn what Direct X is set on your PC, follow the instructions below:

  • Activate the command prompt Run through the Start
  • Enter the command dxdiag. It opens the Diagnostic Tool, which displays detailed information including the version of DX.
  • Look what version is installed. Currently, the latest stable version is DirectX 11, which is available on the operating system starting from Windows Vista and higher.

If you followed the instructions on how to check the version of DirectX installed above and found out that you have not installed the latest version of the software or non-existent one, then download and install it. How to install DirectX is described below in detail.

  • Go to the load-page for the Microsoft Web Installer, and then use the big button Download.
  • After downloading the software, open the file.
  • Use Next and the app will check the exact version of DX.

How to Install DirectX 11?

If your OS is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or Vista, you may want to learn how to install DirectX 11 as a separate file. Unfortunately, Windows XP does not support this version of the software. It is important to note that you simply can’t download and install this API from the official Microsoft site as a separate file for one simple reason. It’s because the new version of Windows comes out preloaded already with the actual version of DX. However, the cases are different, and you might have accidentally or on purpose remove the software. To install again do this:

  • Type Windows Update in the search menu.
  • Click Show all available updates
  • Go to the tab Optional to find all the available updates and look for API or select and install all of them.

Note: we do not recommend downloading the DX from third-party resources. All information and files for the OS can be found on the official Microsoft website. Don’t take risks, because many archives contain viruses with the software that will harm the operating system.

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