Can You Download YouTube Videos in 2023 for Free?

You can indeed download YouTube videos in 2023 for free, but it’s a little more complicated than it sounds.

Remember those far-off years when YouTube allowed you to download any available videos? Those were the days… Now, of course, it’s forbidden. If you want the download feature, you’ll have to sign up for a YouTube Premium subscription for $12 a month! Needless to say, this amount would be considered exorbitant by many people around the globe. Heck, even rich people often don’t wanna buy a Premium-subscription.

So… What can you do? Well, there are methods by which you can download videos from YouTube, and completely for free.

How to Download YouTube Videos in 2023?

Download YouTube Videos

Download Websites

Perhaps the easiest way is the so-called download websites. Just type a link to YouTube video into the search field of such a site and download the video in the required format. The main disadvantage of these websites is a relatively slow download speed and a limited number of formats. Well, do not forget about the heap of ads and other inconveniences.

To find a download website, enter the search query “download youtube videos” into Google or Bing, and you will see a lot of different web resources on this topic.

Download Programs

Some people give their preference to download programs. There’s a lot of this type of programms on the net: iTubeGo, By Click, Leawo, Fast Video and many others. However, most users use 4K Video Downloader. Its relatively simple interface and flexible toolset make it an extremely attractive choice.

Unfortunately, the free version of the program has a limited set of features, but it is good enough for everyday tasks of an ordinary user. The paid version is not cheap, but it is still more favorable than YouTube Premium.

Download Extensions

An alternative to the programs are browser extensions, which allow you to download YouTube videos directly from the video page itself. In simple terms, you don’t even have to go anywhere – you can do everything right on the spot. You choose the format, click “Download” and wait for the file to download.

Just like with programs, there are a lot of download extensions to choose from. Perhaps the most popular ones are YouTube Video Downloader and y2mate. In general, the choice is yours, but be aware that these extensions are not officially available, so you have to download them from third-party sites. Be careful!

As you should have realized by now, it is possible to download videos from YouTube in 2023, but it’s not that easy to do. But if you follow the above tips, you will definitely succeed. Do you know any other ways to download YouTube videos? Please share them in the comments!

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