How to enable or disable Opera Turbo?

Opera Turbo Mode can efficiently compress the information transmitted to the user significantly reducing Internet costs. But if your computer is running on high-speed Internet connection so you’ve got to turn off the Turbo mode to improve the image quality while surfing web pages.


  • The first method
    Connect to the Internet and run the Opera browser. Find the indicator icon in the form of a clock dial in the lower left corner of the browser . Place the cursor over the icon and click the left mouse button. You will see a small window in the left corner of the screen. Uncheck the box next to Enable Opera Turbo. If the icon is not displayed in green color (i.e. it is in an inactive state),  so mode is disabled and you can safely continue working on the Internet without this option.
  • The second method
    Search the menu Tools in your internet browser. It is located on the second line from the top. Click the left mouse button. Select Quick Preferences from the opening list and move the cursor to this position. From the right side you can see another list containing Enable Opera Turbo option. Remove the check mark by clicking the left mouse button thus moving the Turbo mode in the inactive state.
  • The third method
    Press the F12 key on the computer keyboard, having launched the browser previously. Find the list that appears in the line Enable Opera Turbo. Remove the check mark next to it by pressing the left mouse button.

    If you know exactly that your computer is connected to the Internet on a high speed connection so it is worth to disable Opera Turbo. But even without this information be sure that it is not necessarily to enable or disable the browser mode constantly, you can simply put it to start automatically. In this case it will be activated when the connection is slow and deactivated at high speed. To do this, open the Tools menu, then select General Preferences. In the opened window find the tab Web pages and select Automatic. Use the left mouse button to click OK. As soon as the mode is enabled, you immediately realize that the Internet is on a slow connection.

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