How to enable or disable Windows key?

The Windows button is located on each keyboard, and we use it every day to perform various actions. If you click on the Win button, the Start menu opens. In addition, you can also use the Win button with other keys on the keyboard.

For example, pressing Windows + E will open Windows Explorer. If you click on Windows + R, you can open the “Run …” utility. In general, the combinations with this key are huge and all of them are incredibly useful for any user.

However, if the Win key does not work, then these combinations can easily be forgotten. Why does this button stop working? There are several reasons why the Win button stopped working. They include problems with the keyboard, system settings, locking of the key functionality, etc.


Fixing the Win key

Method # 1 Pressing Fn + F6

This method, most likely, will suit some users of laptops and users who have a special keyboard. Find the FN key on the keyboard of your PC or laptop (usually located in the lower left corner, next to CTRL).

Then find the F6 key and look at it, since its surface can display a functional activated by the combination FN + F6. If you see something like the Win icon on this key, try pressing the Fn + F6 key combination to activate or deactivate the Win key.

However, be careful, because on some laptops, the Fn + F6 key combination can turn off the display of the device or its touchpad. However, the F6 key should display a functional.

Method # 2 Pressing the Win Lock key

The following method will require you to press the Win Lock key. This key is most often observed on old keyboards, which some users can still have.

In addition to the old keyboards, the Win Lock key can also be present on a number of gaming devices. In the heat of battle, players can often accidentally press the Win key. It is behind this that the Win Lock key is entered on the gaming devices.

Perhaps you own an old or gaming keyboard (although there are exceptions, and the Win Lock key can also be on the regular keyboard). Find it and press to return the function to the Win key.

Method # 3 Cleaning the keyboard

It’s unlikely that you will like the next question, but since we are trying to solve the problem in the form of a disabled Win button, we must ask: do you clean your keyboard?

Yes, the fact is that the keys, when accumulating a sufficient amount of dirt, can simply start to stick or not be pressed at all.

Open the internals of your keyboard (it’s not difficult at all), and then do a little cleaning there. Especially near the Win key. Once done, assemble the keyboard together and test the Win key.

Method # 4 Change the connection port

In very rare cases, some keyboard buttons may not function correctly due to the port in which the keyboard itself is connected. Most keyboards are currently connected via USB. Try to connect your keyboard to another USB port and test the operation of the Win key. Preferably, also test the functionality of other keys.

If you have an old keyboard that has a PS / 2 connection, you can connect it to another such port if you have a second PS / 2 keyboard port on your motherboard (which is quite rare).

If nothing of the above does not help in solving the problem with the Windows key, then, probably, the matter is in the keyboard itself and it’s broken. In this case, there is nothing else left than buying a new keyboard.

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