Error code 504: What It Means and How to Fix It

The 504 error is an HTTP response from the server to the client. She has a clear reason for the appearance. To better understand it, you need to analyze the main stages of request processing. We will discuss this a little later. The 504 code can appear when accessing absolutely any site, but some are more prone to it than others. Why this happens, you will find out below.

What does the 504 Gateway Timeout error mean?

Analysis of the standard query algorithm will help to understand the essence of the problem:

  1. The client requests data from the server.
  2. The target server, in turn, requests data from other servers. This is a common practice that is applied everywhere.
  3. If the foreign server does not respond, a negative response is returned to the main server.
  4. The site we are trying to load displays a 504 error.

What conclusions can we draw from this:

  • This is a server-side error only, not a client-side one.
  • The main server itself Reddit, Facebook, Play Market or some other site gives you a 504 error, in fact, it is working.
  • The problem is exclusively in the additionally connected server. However, it is so important that the system cannot work without using it, as non-essential connections can be ignored. The site as a whole will function, but without any function or block.

How to fix error 504?

Very often, you won’t be able to fix the 504 error on your own, but there are some exceptions. All you can do is:

  • Refuse to use the problematic server. We mean that if the site fails to load your Facebook profile for authorization, you can try to log into your account in another way. It only applies in such cases. In most situations, you do not have the ability to influence the connection of servers.
  • Enable or disable VPN. For example, the site itself does not have a regional block, but Mail, Reddit is blocked, and the system is trying to extract information about you from there or send some kind of report on actions. Using a VPN might work.
  • Write to technical support. Does it make sense? Perhaps if the problem is not massive. You can learn about this from the DownDetector website. There, users indicate malfunctions of sites and applications in real time. Too few reports? Perhaps the regional server has fallen off and it is worth reporting this. If the problem is massive, it remains just to wait.

In most cases, you are not related to the 504 Gateway Timeout error, especially on those sites that you use constantly. The server problem will be solved by data center specialists or site administrators. You just have to be patient and come back to watching later.

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