How to fix sound problem on Windows 10 after update?

Microsoft brought forth the most recent OS called Windows 10. Unfortunately, it causes a lot of new problems like issues with installation and updating process. But the most disturbing problem is connected with the sound. Usually, re-installation of the audio drivers doesn’t work. If you have no sound on Windows 10, take some actions to bring it back. People on the Web discovered a few solutions. The most common reason is hidden in the sound settings.

Let’s find out how to fix sound problems on Windows 10?

  • Use the right click on the sound label. You will find it on the task-bar near the OS-clock. Find the Playback Devices
  • Pick the current audio device, it should be speakers. Click two times and you will see the window of its properties.
  • Find the Advanced settings and choose the 24-bit rate option with 44100 Hz or 192000 Hz.
  • Decision depends on the config of the sound system.

Is your Windows 10 sound not working yet? Use another advice to eliminate the problem:

  • run the Device Manager using Start button;
  • find Sound and audio devices;
  • remove actual driver using right click to find this option;
  • activate Scan for hardware changes option and you will see the automatic installation of the most recent driver version.

This is it. Take the last possible action in case your audio system doesn’t work. Install the newest audio card drivers on your PC. You can find them at the official website.

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