GPU Fans not Spinning – How to Fix?

Your GPU fans not spinning? No image on your monitor when loading, under load, or at idle? In this article we will tell you what can cause such a complicated problem and how to fix it!


Why GPU Fans Not Spinning?

In order to cool the graphics processor of a graphics card, coolers (i.e. fans) and a radiator are installed on it. Without adequate cooling, the graphics card overheats, which causes reduced performance, unstable system operation, and sometimes PC rebooting and even shutting down. In critical cases, overheating of the graphics card causes hardware failures.

So why can video card coolers suddenly stop working? There are several reasons for this:

  • coolers breakdown;
  • dirty coolers;
  • incorrect rotation speed settings;
  • “bad” graphics card drivers.

What Should I do if GPU Fans Not Spinning?

GPU Fans Not Spinning

Inspection, cleaning, reconnection of graphics card

The first thing we recommend is to open the computer system unit and inspect the graphics card. How much dust is on it? Are the power cables connected properly? Is there any damage on it and its coolers? All of this should be checked, reconnected, cleaned.

Reset the cooler speed

Very often users who want to make their graphics card a bit (a lot) quieter adjust the cooler RPM. This is done via the control panel of the graphics card or, usually, via MSI Afterburner. However, in the pursuit of quietness you may overdo it – the graphics card coolers do not rotate even under heavy load. Reset the cooler speed settings to the default values if you have been adjusting them recently.

Reinstall graphics card drivers

It is possible that the graphic card fans may stop spinning due to “bad” drivers. In this case, it is worth doing a complete reinstallation of them. You can reinstall the graphics drivers in the classic way (via Device Manager) or via the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) utility. We recommend to use DDU and install the latest video drivers from official sources:

Your graphics card is not dusty, securely connected, configured correctly and has stable drivers but the fans are still not spinning – what should you do? Unfortunately, in this case you are almost certainly dealing with a hardware failure – contact a service center.

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