How to create your own game?

Creating online games is one of the ways to make money on the Internet. One has only to type a request such as “online game” in a search engine as a whole bunch of links to all sorts of games and gaming portals come out immediately. Thus, we can understand that the online entertainment developers can bring good profits. However, you must adhere to certain rules of creating a game that can satisfy people and make them part with their cash.

How to create your own game


  • Develop the idea of the game. It should be interesting by all means and for a wide range of Internet users. It is worth to analyze not only local but also foreign games.
  • Then work out the mechanism of the game progress, which implies the completeness of character, the availability of elaborated lines, the project changes and its development.
  • Hire a team of developers denoting a task. Define the kind of your project whether it is a browser-based game or requires downloading and the client Installation. This is a very important step, because the creation process depends on your choice. It will be much more difficult to realize your plans if you choose the second option than in the case of a browser-based game. But the field of activity for the realization of your ideas will be much wider.
  • Having developed a “draft” version of the game, it is necessary conduct an open beta-test. This allows you to identify bugs and to fix them in a timely manner. Gamers who test this product are the ones who can help you with that. Their opinion is no less important than the opinion of experts because the game is primarily designed for the “mere mortals”.
  • Think over the mechanism of the game monetization to bring you an income. This can be a special game currency, which is purchased for real money, and also the unique equipment, paid bonuses and other. Unique things should be much more tempting than regular in order to say goodbye to their money quite easy.
  • The last question which should be disassembled is the issue of funding. After all, expenses are plenty: the necessity of the servers’ rent, programmers, developers and other staff salaries, the creation of the game’s official website, and so on. Of course, you can pay for it all by yourself, but you can also involve investors. However, the equity capital is preferable because in this case the project will be under your complete control.
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