How to fix the error “Login is not possible due to a data transfer error” in Skype

Updated Skype to the latest version ? Probably, like many other users, anticipating the new cool design, any interesting things from the developers? But for some reason they saw only the inscription “Login is not possible due to data transmission error” when trying to authorize ? And even restarting the computer has not helped three times? Congratulations, you are in the club!

Login is not possible due to a data transfer error in Skype

Do not worry: we will tell you how to quickly and easily solve this problem in three different ways. Choose the one that suits you the most.

First option

The most “painless”: you can just try to eliminate the error that occurred, while your current profile, contacts and correspondence will be saved. In order, follow all the steps described in our step-by-step instructions.


  1. Log out of Skype.

    PS: Do not forget that to exit the program it is not enough just to close the window. You need to find its icon in the lower right corner of the panel among the running applications, right-click on it and select “Exit from Skype “.

  2. Make visible program files. This is simpler than it may seem: just click “Start” (you can also do this with the Win + R command ). In the search box, enter the following strange thing: % appdata% \ skype .
  3. Open the folder with your Skype account . You can find it as follows: C: \ Users \ <UZK> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Skype \ <UZS> , where UZK is your account on the computer, UZS is in Skype.
  4. Open the folder with your skype- login (the name of this folder will match it).
  5. You find a file called main.iscorrupt. This file was a hindrance, so delete it .

Everything! Launch Skype, enjoy the normal work of the program and communication.

This is a great way to fix the error. However, there are times when it does not work. Then the user again sees the already hated “Login is impossible due to data transfer errors . In this case, you will have to resort to one of the two other options.

> Second option

Delete your profile. However, if you are experiencing only because of the loss of valuable information from the correspondence, the method suits you, because the profile is deleted, but all your correspondence is saved ! Contacts are not going anywhere either . Only profile.

For this method there is also a simple step by step instruction.


  1. Exit Skype ( similarly to the previous method; do not forget about the correct exit from the program).
  2. Again “Start” , enter the same strange thing in the search % appdata% \ skype (you need to make the hidden files of the program visible).
  3. Open the folder with your Skype account ( C: \ Users \ <UZK> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Skype \ <UZS> , where UZK – your account on the computer, and UZS – in Skype).
  4. Log into your Skype profile (the folder name will match your username) and rename it . You can, for example, add “2019” or “-NEW” at the end.
  5. Start Skype, enter your login-password pair.
  6. Exit the program again.
  7. Open the folder with Skype profiles and see that there are now two of them : your old profile and the new one .
  8. Go to your old profile, find the file “ main.db ” there. He is the keeper of all your correspondence. Copy it.
  9. Paste the copied file with the replacement into the folder with the new profile . 

You can restart Skype again just in case , but this is not necessary. After performing these steps, the application should run without error and you will avoid losing valuable data: contacts, message histories, etc.

> The third option

At The pressure of an existing profile . The method is suitable for those for whom the history of messages in Skype is of no value, because this method implies the loss of all correspondence. Contacts will be saved .

Follow the step-by-step instructions if you want to delete your Skype profile :

  1. Exit the program (similar to the previous methods).
  2. Click “Start” , type in the search line % appdata% \ skype , thereby making visible the hidden files of the program.
  3. Open the folder with your Skype account ( C: \ Users \ <UZK> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Skype \ <UZS> , where UZK is your account behind the computer, and UZS is in skype).
  4. Find there a folder with your profile (the name is identical to the username in Skype).
  5. Delete this folder .
  6. Start Skype, enter your login-password pair.

Computer problems

Calmly continue working and communicating without errors!

Backup option

For complete peace of mind, you can try reinstalling Skype (that is, completely remove the application with all the available files, and then download and install it again).  

In this article, we described three different ways to fix a Skype error . Among them there is a way without any loss of information for the user, a way to preserve the correspondence and contacts of the profile and simply delete the existing profile in Skype with the preservation of contacts.

You can always explain the procedure, for this there are simple and clear step by step instructions . We hope this information helped you solve the problem , and when you try to log in to Skype you will no longer see this annoying inscription on the screen.

All for users!

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