How to install the downloaded game?

Novice users may be wondering how to install the downloaded game? It’s very simple, if you have a stable internet connection and a set of necessary programs.

Downloading “pirate” games had long been known as a popular alternative to spending a lot of money on license versions.  That is why one chooses piracy considering the fact that a lot of recent products people want to test are very raw.

In order to install a computer game, first of all it is necessary to find and get it on the internet. The installation process depends on the downloading way.


How to download a game from the Internet?

Via torrents

Torrent files are well-tried and convenient methods of file sharing on the Internet. The bottom line is that the files are stored on the computers of different users who “hand out” these files to others. The torrent file and a special program is needed. Torrent files can be found on a variety of torrent websites, for instance RuTracker and ThePirateBay.

To download the game via torrent, you need:

  • to install torrent client (uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc.);
  • to raun the tracker file with the * .torrent extension;
  • to specify the place where the game will be downloaded;
  • wait until the process is complete and open the folder with the downloaded files.

Via file hosting service

One could also use a variety of the file hosting services, but the input speed is often limited here. Moreover, before starting you need to click on links with advertisements, which often contain viruses.

There’s no need of additional programs for downloading via share sites. You should simply specify in the browser the location where files are downloaded (there should be enough space on the disk). Then, wait until the process is complete.

How to install the downloaded game?

So you have got all necessary files, but you have no idea how to install them. It all depends on which files you have downloaded to the PC.

Games can be spread as files with the ISO extension. These are the disk images that require additional programs while working with older than Windows 8 versions. It takes a form of files with the extension ZIP or RAR, that need to be unpacked before working with their contents; as well as so-called RePack that comes out as ready for installation EXE file (installer).

How to install the game from the ISO-File?

  • Download and use the program which allows working with disk images if you have Windows 7 or below. The best program for this purpose is DAEMON Tools Lite, which can be found on the official website. It’s free to use.
  • Create the image using a third-party program, or by clicking RMB on the image file and selecting Connect in Windows 8.
  • An automatic loading window might open afterwards. If not, open the disc in My Computer and find there the .exe file by yourself.
  • Follow the installation wizard. Do not forget to make sure there is enough space on the hard disk while installing a game here.

How to install the game from the archive?

There are several types of archives, but most of all archivers needed to expand the compressed files are able to work with all of them.

  • Use one of the programs working with archives. For instance, 7-zip, WinRAR or WinZIP.
  • Open the archive in the program and select Extract, choose the drive and folder where you want to extract files.
  • When the unzipping is complete, open the object and find there a file with the .exe Run it.
  • Follow the installation instructions.

How to install RePack?

Nowadays the most popular form of the pirated games distribution is a repack. It is a set of ready to install files that do not require extra programs to hack and install them apart from the game. On the torrent trackers repacks are spread with a corresponding mark RePack.

To install the repack on the computer, you need to open the folder with the needed data and find the setup.exe file. Run it and follow the installation program instructions.

The most trusted repack authors today are Mechanics and Catalyst.

We do not recommend installing the unverified repack because they can harm the PC. Look through comments on the torrent tracker before downloading.

If one have followed every line of our instructions, but the game does not work, so it is necessary to look for a solution in other articles on our site.

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