How to install drivers for NVidia graphics cards?

It is important to know how to install a new driver for Nvidia cards properly because such problems as friezes, brakes, defective pixels, and the absence or loss of texture in games can be caused by outdated drivers or their absence at all. Moreover, incorrect installation of NVidia drivers can also lead to other troubles.

Where one can download NVidia drivers and install it right?

It is necessary to download drivers for NVidia graphics cards only from the company’s official site. Otherwise, you can expose your PC to danger. Furthermore, installing GeForce drivers from third-party resources does not make sense because everything you need can be found on the official page of the manufacturer.

There are two options on how to install the graphics driver on the NVidia GeForce video card. We will tell you about each of them in details.

How to install the NVidia driver manually?

Manual installation of the driver for the NVidia GeForce video card is perfect for those who don’t sympathize with overloading the computer’s memory software. These programs are constantly working in the background, which certainly applies to the NVidia GeForce Experience (a special utility that automatically search and update the necessary elements).

To download and then install the Nvidia driver correctly, follow the instructions below (first of all, we recommend you to get acquainted with two tips below):

  • Go to the official website of the manufacturer of NVidia GPUs.
  • Highlight the menu Drivers and press Download Drivers.
  • Now you can see a window with a form where you have to fill up the information about your video card. Select the type of your product, series of the video card, and the exact model of the graphic adapter. Choose your operating system and language, and then click the green Search button on the right.
  • Once the driver for your NVidia graphics card has been successfully found, you will see more detailed information about it and the button Download Now. Press it and download the driver to your PC.
  • After downloading the driver, you have to unpack it. Select the folder where you want to extract files and click OK.
  • After the completion of unpacking, the GeForce driver installation process begins automatically. Accept the license agreement by clicking OK and follow the instructions.

Tip 1: Before unpacking the new drivers for your video card NVidia, it is recommended to remove the old one. To do this, go through the Start menu in the Programs and Features (or Add or Remove Programs, depending on the OS version) and search for the NVidia graphics processor xxx.xx (where xxx.xx is the version number of your driver). Then click Uninstall / Change to confirm the action and wait for the deinstallation.

Tip 2: Before you follow the instructions, we recommend to turn off the antivirus. There are many examples when anti-virus software removed some files or blocked the installation of NVidia driver without warning and notifications.

How to install the driver using the GeForce NVidia GeForce Experience?

Special program called NVidia GeForce Experience makes installing NVidia drivers much easier and faster. Moreover, the program itself has many useful functions, especially for gamers starting from the optimization of the game settings and finishing with the ability to record in-game video and automatic extension of the laptop battery work while playing. However, some users do not like it because it overloads the system to some extent when working in the background. The choice is yours anyway. We would recommend you to use the utility.

So, to answer the question of how to install GeForce drivers by means of the program properly, do the following:

  • Open the NVidia official website.
  • Select the Drivers menu and click on GeForce Experience.
  • You will see a page with a description of the advantages of this program and the big green button Download now. Press it and wait for the download to complete.
  • After downloading the GeForce Experience, open the installation file and install the program on your PC by following the simple instructions.
  • When the program is installed, go to the Drivers and click Check for Updates in the upper right corner of the utility.
  • If your driver is out of date, you will get noticed about the update availability. Click on it and the program will automatically install the latest driver GeForce NVidia.

Attention: Don’t worry if your computer reboots during the driver installation. No action needed because this will entail failure the NVidia driver installation. Also, turn off the antivirus installation that puts this software in the Black List during automatic installation. It blocks an Internet connection, which entails an error in the installation of the drivers.

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