How to install the graphics adapter driver?

There’s nothing mysterious in how to install the graphics card driver. However, as in any procedure, there are a number of nuances, the implementation of which is mandatory if you want to get it right and avoid headaches.

How to know which graphics card you have?

First of all, you should know which video card is installed in your laptop or PC. There are two main companies that produce discrete (separate) graphics cards. They are ATI / AMD Radeon and NVidia GeForce. In addition, built-in Intel graphics cards are often installed in some laptops and PCs.

So, to know how to install the driver on your graphics card properly, find out its model and manufacturer company. For this:

  • Open Device Manager via the properties of My Computer or by clicking the RMB on the Start
  • In Device Manager, look for the Display Adapters and double click on it with the left mouse button. After that, you should see a list of video cards, which are already installed and have their own drivers.
  • If the Manager does not display the graphics card, but you are sure that it is there to be shown, use a special program, for example, Everest Ultimate Edition, to find the data about your device components.

Where to download drivers?

As soon as you found out the exact model of your graphics card, you should download the most recent drivers for it. To do this, go to the official sites of the manufacturers where the detailed information is gathered: Nvidia site (for the GeForce video cards) and AMD website (For ATI / AMD Radeon graphics cards).

How to install the driver

As already noted above, it is important to know how to properly install the video card drivers. The procedure is simple:

  • Visit the manufacturer’s site, depending on the model of your graphics adapter.
  • Fill in the form specifying the model of the video card or download the utility to automatically find and install elements.
  • Download the correct driver.
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.

Tip: Before you install a new driver for your video card, it is recommended to remove the old one as well as disable the antivirus.

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