How To Make A Visual Bookmarks For Your WebBrowser?

Mozilla Firefox browser has a lot of benefits and amenities for a modern Internet surfing, and one of these facilities is the ability to install the add called ‘visual bookmarks’. It allows displaying some of the most important sites for the user in the form of a preview while the browser is loading.

You can find any similar supplement in the Firefox adds search, but we will consider the creation of visual bookmarks with the help of commonly used Yandeks.Bar panel.

You will need:

Mozilla Firefox, Yandeks.Bar


  • First install Yandeks.Bar panel from the official site as the supplement for Firefox, accept the license agreement and click OK. After the panel installation, restart the browser and make sure that it is displayed in the menu.
  • Now open a new blank page or tab. Here you will see several windows for the future visual bookmarks instead of the usual empty space on your browser. You can increase the number of tabs to nine. It is the maximum number which Yandeks.Bar allows you to set. If the number does not suit you, get the same plug-in on the Quick Launch bar of visual bookmarks that supports a large number of it.
  • Double-click on the free window and create your first visual bookmark. Type the website address and the name of the bookmark. Click Save and watch as empty window turns into a preview of the selected site’s home page. Increase the number of bookmarks and change the ones that were already created if the urgency of the saved bookmarks disappears.

If you lose your visual bookmarks for some reason, this addition will help you to reestablish them from the list of recently visited sites. Every time you start over the Mozilla Firefox browser you will see your visual bookmarks in order to have even faster access to the required site.

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