How to Fix msvcp71.dll Error on Windows 10 | 11?

Sooner or later every lover of modern games may get an error saying that the file msvcp71.dll is missing and that is why the newly installed long-awaited game cannot be launched. In some cases msvcp71.dll is really missing, but in other cases it is there, but it doesn’t work. In this article we will discuss why this problem occurs, how to fix it, and where to get msvcp71 if it’s missing.

General Information


The file that is probably missing on your computer and causes the problem is a dynamic library. It is one of those used to create all modern games and even some applications. Without it, it is simply impossible to run games. This specific DLLs are frequently updated and are not part of Windows, but are added separately.

In some cases, an additional set of system files is installed along with the games, which ensures their launch and operation. These files are the reason why one day your OS may display a message about the absence of msvcp71.dll, although recently all the games on your PC were running without any problems.

The fact is that when you install repacks and other not the most official versions of games and software, you can simply replace a fully working and current msvcp71.dll file with an outdated or broken. Or (this applies specifically to repacks) the game contains a modified msvcp71 file, which is compatible with this game, but may not behave correctly with any other game. That’s why, to fix such an error, we recommend using the instructions below.

How to Fix the msvcp71.dll Error

Since DLL files are components of Visual Basic, they are developed and distributed by the Microsoft corporation itself. And completely free of charge. The msvcp71 file, along with hundreds of other libraries, is part of the Visual C++ distribution package and can be downloaded from the official Microsoft site.

  • Follow this link to the official Microsoft site.
  • Select the language available to you and click the Download button.
  • Specify, using the checkboxes, exactly what file you want to download (depending on the bit mode of the operating system installed on your PC – 32 or 64).
  • After downloading, run the downloaded file and follow the instructions to start the installation.
  • Wait until the installation is complete and be sure to restart your computer for the necessary changes to take effect.
  • This procedure will add a full set of all the latest DLLs to your
  • Windows OS and msvcp71.dll is among them.

Even if any other library file besides msvcp71.dll is missing in your system, it will also be added or updated. This is why we always recommend that you install the Visual C++ package, instead of searching for, downloading and adding DLL files of dubious origin to your system.

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