Why Adobe Photoshop Won’t Open and How to Fix It?

Photoshop won’t open on your PC? Don’t worry, the problem is common and relatively easy to fix!

Photoshop is without exaggeration the most popular graphics editor. This program is used not only by professionals, but also by regular users who need to edit a photo or an image from time to time.

What to do when everyone’s favorite Photoshop does not open? Now we will try to answer this question…

Photoshop Won’t Open – What Should I Do?

Photoshop is an incredibly resource-intensive program. Please check the system requirements of whatever version of the editor you have installed on your PC. The thing is that each version of Photoshop has its own requirements. Usually, the newer versions have higher requirements for the user’s system. Makes sense, no? Especially pay attention to the requirements in terms of RAM and Windows OS. Regarding the second one, current versions of Photoshop barely work (or don’t work at all) on ” seven”.

When working with Photoshop, it is best to close all other applications, especially if you do not have a fast PC. And again, high system requirements (↑). For the sake of experiment, you can do a safe boot and see if Photoshop will run in this mode. Maybe some of the deactivated programs prevented the editor from launching. In that case, you’ll have to find out which program is at fault by method of elimination.

Photoshop still won’t open? Well, then you can try the following:

  • if you just installed Photoshop, please, restart your PC;
  • be sure to install all Windows pending updates;
  • some internal Photoshop files could be damaged – reinstall the app;
  • you should try an another version of the editor;
  • maybe use some similar programs.

Have you ever encountered a Photoshop version that refused to launch on your PC? Please share your experiences in the comments!

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