Why ‘Printer Requires Your Attention’ and How to Fix It

When you try to print the next sheet, the message ‘The printer requires your attention’ may appear. A rather obscure and quite vague description of the error. It’s hard to figure out what’s wrong with it without some help. Fortunately, there are usually just a few things you need to do.

How to Easily Fix the Printer Error

The first thing you should try is the printer troubleshooter, since it can find and fix a significant portion of the isuess with you printer and its settings. Only after that do the following steps.

How to Fix the ‘Printer Requires Your Attention’ Error

  • Check the ink level. Maybe there’s no issues at all, and you just don’t have enough ink.
  • Restart the service. The Print Manager service needs to be turned off and restarted. If it is disabled, just turn it on. You can find it in “Control Panel” – “Administration” – “Services”.
  • Clear the print queue. Open the folder C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and delete its contents. After that restart your PC and check if the issue has been fixed.
  • Reconnect the printer. You should disconnect the printer from the PC, reboot the same PC, and then turn the printer on. Incredible, but this simple set of steps is the most effective solution to combat most printer issues.

We hope this works. Although we should also mention that you definately need to update your printer drivers.

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