How to remove ads in Kmplayer?

The huge popularity of the player has provided not only its beautiful design, comfortable and extremely simplified interface, multi-functionality, various “fashion pieces”, such as 3d image rendering, but, of course, free license to use this software product.

But like all free software, Kmplayer is not devoid of flaws. Just one of those unpleasant nuances is integrated in the player is that is certainly straining that constantly hangs and takes up almost half of all the interface-space of the program, even gets the order, appearing while viewing/listening to media files. Agree, this is really annoying! However, to rectify the situation can be, if anything, is quite simple. It takes only two simple steps!

1. Remove advertisement from main window, Kmplayer

So, to start, remove the advertisement from the Central part of the main window Kmplayer. To do this, move the mouse cursor in this window (left side ad block) and press the right mouse button to call up the settings menu (option menu). Next, successively select the following options: Covers → Emblem → STD. emblem cover. After this, the player must fully be cleansed of all the advertising junk!

2. Remove ads from the right window Kmplayer

Now we need to disable the sidebar advertising module. You just need to block KMPlayer access to the Internet, manually by editing the system hosts file. Open Windows Explorer or My computer in Windows and go to the address: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Find out in this daddy needs us the file and open it with Notepad.

In the text box of the open document (at the very bottom, after the last line) add the following commands:

Save the changes in the document. However, if you first started the Notebook, and then added a hosts file for editing (File > Open) then save the changes need only be made after the Save as function. In this case, when you save the document, mandatory, selecting the file Type select All files, otherwise Notepad will perezagruzit not your hosts file, and just create a copy (duplicate) to plain text document hosts.txt that will not help you!

If you carefully followed the instructions and did everything right, you just have to restart your favorite player, then you can enjoy a Kmplayer without ads!

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