How to Set Bios to Boot from a CD ROM?

Many users have some troubles operating BIOS. This may be very dangerous for your PC because it’s a very delicate process. The option of the CDROM booting is needed not only for the start of the Windows setup, but also for the OS diagnostics.


  • First, you should enter BIOS. For this, restart the PC and press the Del key at the very moment of its reboot. You may also need F2 for some new motherboards and laptops.
  • Navigate the BIOS menu using arrow keys. Press Esc to cancel the previous action. Ctrl+Alt+Del will reboot the PC. Use Enter to save the changes.
  • Select Advanced BIOS Features and press Enter. Locate the items First Boot Device and Second Boot Device in the next menu. These options are responsible for the line-up of the devices from which the OS launches. The first item is Floppy by default, the second one is Hard Disc and the third is CDROM.
  • Be attentive at this point. You should make all the actions cautiously.
  • Select the First Boot Device option, press Enter, choose CDROM from the menu and press Enter again. Change the item to Hard Disk in Second Boot Device the same way. Escape to the BIOS main menu and select Save and Exit Setup. From now on, your OS will boot from the disk.
  • Retrieve the previous boot line-up options after the operational system installation or its diagnostics.

Note! Be careful while changing the BIOS settings. Incorrect actions may adversely affect the OS. You shouldn’t try to make the changes not mentioned in this guide!

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