How to take a screenshot on a laptop?

It is sometimes vital for every PC-user to “photograph” the contents of the laptop-screen. One can create the required picture really fast and simply.


  • To create a screenshot of the laptop-screen one should find the only key on the device’s keyboard. This element is in the upper right corner of any keyboard whether it is a laptop or the personal computer. There are several and not entirely clear letters written on this key (PrtSc SysRq). If you are skilled enough, then you know that PrtScr is an abbreviation of the English words print screen.
  • Using this object you transfer the contents of the display to the the OS-clipboard. The only thing you should do is to save it as an image.
  • If you want to make it real, use any image-editor, for example, Paint. Create a new page by pressing Ctrl+N, or selecting the menu File – New. Then activate Ctrl+V ( it’s Edit – Paste in the menu).
  • Your screenshot will appear on the display. Now you can cut the desired part of the image or save the object in this form. To do this, press Shift+Ctrl+S, or select the menu File – Save as. Give a name to the element and save it at the desired location on your hard disk.
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