WASD swapped with arrows: Causes and solutions

Some Windows users encounter a very strange problem: their WASD keys have switched places with the arrows. This “problem” occurs on all versions of Windows, but it is Windows 10 owners who complain about it most often.

Why did the WASD switch places with the arrows?

  • The keyboard does not have support for USB 3.0. This problem may occur if you are using an old keyboard that does not work with USB 3.0.
  • A special option is activated to replace the functions of the keys. Some keyboard models have an option, activating which the WASD keys and arrows instantly change places. As a rule, these are mechanical gaming keyboards.

Method #1 Reconnecting the keyboard

For some users, an elementary reconnection of the keyboard was enough. Is your keyboard connected to USB 3.0? Try connecting it to a regular USB 2.0 and see if the problem resolves. We remind you: USB 3.0 is blue, USB 2.0 is black.

Method #2 Disabling the option to change the key functions

You may have mistakenly pressed a special key combination on your keyboard, with which you can change the location of the WASD and arrows. This option is present on a variety of keyboards from the middle and top segment, especially on mechanical keyboards of brands such as Cooler Master, Ajazz, RedDragon and Digital Alliance.

In most cases, this option is enabled instantly and without any warnings. Simply put, you could activate it by playing a video game or typing text, and not even notice it.

Fortunately, on many keyboards, this option is reset by using the FN+W key combination. If it didn’t work for you, then you can try to perform other tasks:

  • FN+Win;
  • hold FN+E for five seconds or more;
  • FN+ESC;
  • FN+Left arrow.

We also recommend that you read about the capabilities of your keyboard on the official website of its manufacturer. Then you will probably understand if it has an option to change WASD with arrows or not.

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