What is the $SysReset folder in Windows 11 and Windows 10 and can it be deleted

Among other “strange” folders and files in the root of the system partition of a drive in Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can find a folder called $SysReset – it is hidden and system.

In this simple article for beginners about what this folder is, its contents and deletion.

Assigning the $SysReset Folder and Deleting the Folder

The $SysReset folder is created on drive C: automatically when you perform a system reset using the built-in Windows tools.

The folder contains .log text files or log files, as well as additional service files created during the reset process. The log files can be examined in case the reset and system restore failed: this can help in determining the cause and solving the problem.

In all other cases, if you do not need these files, the $SysReset folder can be safely deleted.

This does not require using any special approaches or tools (but administrator rights may be required), it is enough to delete the folder in the same way that you delete other folders. This will not lead to any undesirable consequences: everything will work properly.

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