How to Fix ‘Windows Cannot Verify the Digital Signature’ Error?

You may encounter the ‘Windows Cannot Verify the Digital Signature’ message in Device Manager when installing certain drivers. Of course, when the message appears, the device for which the installation was made doesn’t work correctly or doesn’t work at all.

Fixing ‘Windows Cannot Verify the Digital Signature’

Windows Cannot Verify the Digital Signature

From the information in the message, we can conclude that there is obviously something wrong with the digital signature of the driver that you are trying to install. The conclusion is that the signature is damaged, missing, or does not match the device itself. So what to do? In fact, there is only one solution – find the right driver, which will install without any problems.

Drivers must be installed from official sources. If you downloaded the driver from some third-party website, then it is not surprising that there are problems with it. For example, if you are trying to install a driver for a sound card, you need to head to your motherboard manufacturer’s website. Typically, drivers can be found in the support section for the specific motherboard model. Video drivers are even easier:

Unfortunately there are cases when problems with digital signature verification arise even when installing drivers from official sources. In this case you can try to install them manually. This is done as follows:

  • unpack the archive with the driver files (INF, SYS, etc.) to a convenient location, such as the Desktop;
  • open the Device Manager by running devmgmt.msc (WIN+R);
  • click on the device without driver and select Update;
  • in the new window select Find drivers on this computer;
  • specify the location of the unpacked driver files and click Next;
  • wait for the installation to complete and restart your PC.

Among other things, you can disable the mandatory verification of driver signatures once and get the desired result.

  • Open the system Preferences (WIN+I);
  • go to Update and security→Restore;
  • click the Reboot Now button;
  • in the recovery environment go to the path:
    • ↓Troubleshooting
    • ↓Advanced options
    • ↓Boot options
  • click Restart and on the next screen click F7;
  • once in the OS, install the required driver.

Getting rid of the message ‘Windows Cannot Verify the Digital Signature’ may be difficult. However, if you follow all the above tips, you will definitely succeed. Do you know how to solve this problem even faster? Please share your tips in the comments!

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