Download Dream League Soccer 2019 APK

The game is a standard of football simulators. Colorful graphics, realistic tournaments, easy management – the little that it can offer fans of the genre.


When you first enter the game, the user will be prompted to select the team captain. A choice of 6 players from different countries. Each has unique characteristics and abilities. Then we will be offered a quick training on the field without opponents. With the help of interactive tips you can quickly learn how to pass, trace, and score goals.

The user chooses how much to train. As soon as you feel that you are already quite good with the ball, you can start the Championships and tournaments. In matches it is necessary to adjust the scheme independently, to place players taking into account their characteristics and predispositions.

Dream League Soccer 2019 APK

Control and graphics

The control system in the game is traditional – very clear and responsive. In the lower left corner is a virtual joystick, which is responsible for moving the players with the ball on the field.

In the lower right corner there are three action keys that are responsible for the pass, kick, ball selection and other actions depending on the current position of the player relative to the ball.

The visual component deserves all praise. Effects of blur and weather conditions, elaborate character models, realistic behavior of the ball, “live” tribune, as well as atmospheric sound provide enjoyment of the game!

Next You can download for Android not only the original version of the game Dream League Soccer 2019 APK, but also with a mod for money.

Download Dream League Soccer 2019 APK
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