Download Patch 1.0.573.1 Executives and Other Criminals for GTA 5 on PC

With the eleventh patch 1.0.573.1 for Grand Theft Auto V on PC, in addition to numerous fixes for the single player and multiplayer, comes with DLC which called “Executives and Other Criminals” for the Grand Theft Auto Online.

In this update, you have to create your organization, with its own hierarchy. Moreover, if you have more than 1 million, you can take hold of the boss’s status in it. Or if you prefer, you can become a simple thug in other organizations. In this case, you can even earn some money.

On top of that you can now buy a variety of new property in which you can easily change interior, according to your taste. Or, if you’re not a fan of home with the foundation, you can now simply buy a huge yacht.

And besides all the described above, this DLC also includes new vehicles, new clothes for a wardrobe, two new weapons – flick knife and powerful magnum, and six new events for free mode.

How to install patch 1.0.573.1 for Grand Theft Auto V on PC

  • First things first, install the patch 1.0.573.1
  • Then, install upgraded launcher 1.0.505.2
  • Then you will need to install the new Social Club
  • Now you need to copy the folder with names “mpapartment”, “mpxmas_604490” and “patchday8ng” in the folder “dlcpacks”.

If game resists to your tries to start it, just delete folders “mpapartment”, “mpxmas_604490” and “patchday8ng”.

All older versions of patches for GTA 5 are available on this page – Patches for GTA 5

Download Patch 1.0.573.1 for GTA 5 on PC
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