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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas APK – or as popularly known GTA, now on your Android devices. After so many years, you have a chance to remember again the exciting shootings, expensive cars and beautiful girls! So quickly install the game on your tablet and help Carl understand its complex history.


About the game

The protagonist of the game – Carl Johnson returns to his hometown, after he was unfairly accused of murder. But after 5 years, he discovers that his mother died, and his older brother is an influential leader of a criminal gang. Thus on it try to hang up new business, and time to deal with problems almost isn’t present. Carl is forced to cooperate with the police, to restore order in the family business and solve a lot of problems.

Throughout the game you will have a series of different missions, each related to the story from the previous one. For the passage you will earn money and reputation points. As well as in the computer version you have the opportunity to pump the skills of Charles and available to various institutions such as eateries, hairdressers, clothing stores and others.

Life in the city does not stand still. On the street are constantly on the move, people, shooting, the cops do chase for bandits, traffickers sell drugs. Therefore, you have to maintain your business, gain a reputation in gangs, participate in races and various operations.


Control is carried out by pressing the buttons, which are located on the touchpad. Compared with the computer version you will need to adapt to the new management, to practice walking and driving a car.


In the Android version of the game graphics and style remained the same. It’s still the same city, the same heroes and machines, but some changes have occurred. The quality of graphics and detail are slightly improved compared to the PC version. Significant changes are noticeable in the color scheme and lighting. Also there is the possibility of individual graphics settings.


  • Excellent optimization on different devices
  • Ability to save the game
  • Good graphics


  • Control
  • The app takes up enough space

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