10 tips for beginners in Dishonored 2

Some players may be a bit confused with all the mechanics that they may encounter during the playthrough of Dishonored 2. How to be the most effective assassin? To what you should pay attention? Let’s take a look at ten tips that will help you to go deeper into the world of Dishonored 2.



#1 Never be in a hurry

As you can remember in the first Dishonored you had to go through the so-called interactive intro or mission. You landed from a boat and went to the Empress. Fairly measured and unhurried part of the game.

The same will be present in the Dishonored 2. You will need to get out from the tower, go to the ship and … well, let’s not spoil the fun. In general, do not try as quickly as possible “break” through this section.

#2 Forget about the level of Chaos

The game has two types of playthrough – a pacifist path and the path of the killer. In the first case, you will have to mercy every opponent in your way. Your level of Chaos remains at a low level, and wander around the game world will become easier. In the second case, you will not spare anyone. Accordingly, the level of chaos will increase, the world will become more cruel for you. Also, Chaos level will affect directly to your relationship with some of the characters and determine your final.

This all sounds very good, but for beginners it will be difficult to stick to the path chosen by them. Especially if you decide not to kill anyone. Just forget about the level of Chaos at least for the first playthrough. Proceed according to the situation. That’s how you will get the most in-depth experience in Dishonored 2.

#3 How to properly avoid detection

As in any other game, just bend down and avoid the sight of your opponents. Plus, you easily hide in a shadows. In them you will be in complete safety. Of course unless you’re purposely make noises.

You can throw various items, such as empty bottles and jars, to distract opponents. Or you can hit a wall by the sword and teleport in whatever direction you want. As you can see, stealth system is quite flexible.

#4 The rule of survival

This game has a hybrid method for the management of health and mana. Health can be restored only by using the Sokolov elixir or food scattered on the level.

Mana can also recover by itself, but only if you do not use the ability multiple times. But if you still spend mana because of the circumstances, then you can refill it with the help of a special Pierrot elixir .

#5 Usefulness of the Dark Vision

When you’re upgrading your character, the first ability you definitely want to upgrade is Dark Vision. Its utility you can compare with the sight of Detective from series Batman Arkham. You can see through walls, noticing enemies or objects within a certain distance (depending on the level of upgrade of the Dark Vision). This feature is the most useful in Dishonored 2.

#6 Using a variety of lures and tricks

The game has a huge variation of mechanics and objects which can easily distract enemies. As mentioned in #3, you can easily pick up some bottle and throw it against the wall.

You can also leave a corpse on the road of patrolling guard. While he checking the body, you can quietly slip behind him. You can use the game environment itself. Carefully inspect it and you will surely find something useful. Do not forget also about your mystical abilities.

#7 Don’t leave trails

No matter what style of playthrough you choosed, try to always clean up after yourselves. Whether it’s a dead body or knocked guard, better hide it. You can hide the body in the rubbish bins, in the pits, throwing them into the sea, hiding it on the roofs or just hide them in the shadows.

#8 Useful save method

Unlike many modern projects, Dishonored 2 has good old-fashioned save system which can easily save your progress at any time. Feel what around the corner is something waiting for you? Save. Not confident in your abilities? Save. The enemy looks too strong for you? Save. It is a pity that such a system is present in a very small number of games. With it you can save more nerve cells in your brain. Another good feature in Dishonored 2.

#9 Be tricky with enemies

In Dishonored 2, you can get rid of the enemies with a huge number of ways. You can put down them with special dart, can simply kill them with a sword, you can shoot, drown, throw them from high buildings and etc. Furthermore, all this combined with the game environment. Dishonored 2 is a trualy the sandbox.

#10 Collect everything that you see

In game  you can find a lots of different items: books, notes, food, potions, ammunition, bone charms, runes, and of course, the money. With help of this items you will dominate your enemies, even on the highest difficulty. Dark Sight will greatly help you with gathering of different objects.

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