10 tips for beginners in Watch Dogs 2

A few good tips to the player – it is always a good thing. Especially, if a player is going to play at project with the open world, like Watch Dogs 2.


Tip #1 Be careful

Quite often people who play these games, make one mistake – they do not pay attention to what is happening around them. They are trying as quickly as possible to run through the main plot of the game and forget about everything around. But how much content at the same time they lose. Be careful and you will find many interesting things. This applies, by the way, not only to a series of Watch Dogs.

Tip #2 Ways of playthroug

  • Ghost – become a shadow and be invisible to the eyes of your enemies. Dodge, hide, wait. Pretty slow and specific way of playthrough.
  • Trickster – with this “branch” in your pocket will be a lot of useful gadgets that will help you in playthroug. In general, be a real hacker, who can do whatever he wants to do. With gadgets the game will be easier.
  • Aggressor – well here it’s pretty simple. Take the gun and bring down all the enemies. The easiest way to play, as it is not necessary to think.

Tip #3 Trickster – is the best option

If you want to balance the gameplay, it is better to choose the Trickster. Stealth and gadgets can create chaos. Well, frankly speaking, the stealth was not always the strongest component in many Ubisoft games. Just think of a series of Assassin’s Creed games.

Tip #4 Videocameras

Particularly dangerous and rather unpleasant thing in Watch Dogs 2 is an external and internal video surveillance system. In pockets you carry a huge arsenal of different gadgets, so…don’t forget to use them. Hacked camera can serve as an excellent tool in your playthroug.

Tip # 5 Bizarre stealth

There is a paradox in Watch Dogs 2 , if you may say so. Stealth system – Check. Killing an enemies – Check. But you can’t hide bodies from enemies. You need to wait until the enemy comes in the desired point and only when kill him. So…if you killed a guy in a random place…100% that someone notice the body. So be careful with the elimination of your opponents.

Tip #6 Hacking

You will need to use a hacking, even if  you chosen the aggressor path. After all, the main theme of Watch Dogs series is Hacking. Hacking of different doors, technology, traffic lights, panels and other things will help you greatly. Also, you can simply hack bank accounts of simple people of San-Francisco to make some money.

Tip #7 SongSneak

SongSneak – a utility for your phone, which is similar to Shazam. Think you have too little of music tracks in your playlist? Turn on the SongSneak and job is done. The program recognizes the nearest song and add to the playlist, in fact, like a real Shazam.

Tip # 8 Social network

Watch Dogs 2 also has its own local social network that is similar to the well-known Instagram. But it carries a greater role than the storage gallery. Here operates a simple rule – the more followers and likes – more available missions. So always try to collect a large fanbase around your persona and you will discover more playable content.

Tip # 9 Multiplayer

As in the series of Dark Souls, you can invade the players game. You can do this invasion almost in any time(almost). In most cases, players invade to other players in order to make their wallet fatter than ever. So be careful, and do not forget to invade into the other players game. After all it’s just fun.

Tip # 10 Gun as a gift

If your pockets aren’t full of cash, and you need to get a gun, just grab it from police. Not necessarily to kill someone. Just shoot at the air and some witnesses will do the job. Well, then everything is quite simple – cut down cop, grab a shotgun from his hands and run away. Well, if you were not able to save yourself, don’t be upset, because gun will saved in your pockets.

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