How to remove 30FPS in Counter Strike Global Offensive?

As we all know, a series of Counter Strike games is pretty representative of a dynamic competitive games. You could even say that one of the most dynamic. Counter Strike Global Offensive is no exception, and this for a comfortable game it requires a minimum of 60FPS.

To be precise, the frame rate the game menu can be reaches in 120FPS. At the same time directly in the gameplay this mark can achieve 300FPS and by correcting some game config (only provided if your computer is fast enough for Counter Strike Global Offensive).

However, recently, users have to meet quite unpleasant problem with the game. Players have encountered with 30FPS in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Just only thinking about how you’re playing in CS at 30FPS makes you sick. A game where only a second can decide the outcome of the match. Where a quick response will provide you life and victory.

Reasons behind 30FPS in Counter Strike Global Offensive

30FPS in Counter Strike Global Offensive

Agree, 30FPS – it is not the value that you want for this game. Therefore, it is necessary to fix the problem. As it turned out, this problem occurs more often in people with updating Windows 10 Anniversary. And fortunately, the users have found the culprit of the situation.

The main reasons behind 30 FPS in Counter Strike Global Offensive is enabled DVR while playing the game. DVR directly effect on FPS in the game.

Solution for disabling 30FPS in Counter Strike Global Offensive

Now follow a few steps to turn off this process:

  • Swipe mouse over right side of your screen and select “Search”
  • Type in the search box “Xbox” and click on this result.
  • Go to the service using your username and password.
  • Then go to “Settings”.
  • Then select the “DVR in game”.
  • At this point, select “Disable DVR”.

After completion of this steps above, 30FPS in Counter Strike Global Offensive should be unlocked.

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